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In our blog you can expect to read about? What ever is on my mind at the moment... I am Kapua, the founder of Honua Hawaiian Skincare and I am very passionate about skincare, green and clean beauty, self-love, the power of traditional medicine,the aloha spirit and our Hawaiian culture, my family, my 4 four crazy kids, my awesome hubby and food! SO... it might be random at times, but I promise there will be a lot of cool skincare tips, fun conversation and some culture learned.

Crowded Honolulu

Lets start with this pic of Honolulu. Not what I like to think of when I think of our home. In fact, it is one of the reasons Honua Hawaiian Skincare is currently operating out of Northern California. Luxury developments are driving increased migration to Hawaii,cost of living is sky rocketing, and there is far less land for affordable family homes and agriculture. A little over a year ago, our 'Ohana was forced to move away from our home, take our children out of their Hawaiian cultural immersion schools and leave our families to start a new life in California. We get asked all the time, why would you leave paradise? The sad truth is, although both my husband and I were were working full time and making a decent income, we could not find a place to live. After the home we were living in was sold, we house hunted for a rental for 8 months. We applied for numerous rentals and spent $100's on application fees, to be rejected over smaller families with more money or military families with a guarantee. A local family of 6 with children spanning from ages 3-16 was not at the top of anyones list. Had it not been for our family taking us in, we would not have a place to live. I then understood how homelessness in Hawaii has gotten so bad. 

I believe there is always a light at the end of a tunnel. So here we are in Santa Rosa, CA...in a place that approved our rental application within 24 hours of applying. We are using this time here to share the Hawaiian culture and language with those around us. We joined a Hawaiian canoe club, a Hawaiian organization (Hui Pulama Mau) and my children and I are volunteer teaching the Hawaiian Language to a passionate Hawaiian community that lost their language and/or culture early on. I told my keiki, "now is our time to give back what we had been so blessed to learn."  

The other amazing light that has emerged is HONUA HAWAIIAN SKINCARE. I had been making my hand-crafted Hawaiian skincare for my clients in Hawaii, and when we moved, I started receiving requests for me to keep sending product home to them because their skin was not the same without it. So we had our beautiful Hawaiian ingredients shipped up to me and I started making batches. The batches got larger, and I finally had to connect with an herbalist up here that had the facility to create larger amounts and help with the bottling. This was the birth of Honua Hawaiian Skincare!

So now we get to go home for work a few times a year to enjoy the parts of Hawaii we love, spending time with 'ohana and working on the 'āina. We are planning a summer trip to go home, work in the lo'i and get dirty. Can't wait! You can take a girl out of Hawai'i, but you can't take Hawai'i out of a girl! 




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