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I just got my first sunburn in years!!! Ok, I should know better... but this weekend I was testing out my professional exfoliating masks and then forgot that I had to be in the sun all day for paddling races the following day=(( I applied my sun protection like a good esthetician and wore a hat, but 10 hours in the hot sun with no other shade fried my freshly exfoliated skin! 

So...what did I do? Thank goodness almost all of the ingredients in my skincare line help to remedy sun damage and sunburns. 

  Step 1: I made a mask with fresh 'Ōlena and Noni to  help with the inflammation and redness, while    infusing some much needed vitamin C in to my  skin. 

Step 2: I rinsed with cold water and did a light spritz of my beauty water which has witch hazel in it to speed up the healing process, and coconut water to aid with the hydration. 

Step 3: I generously applied a cocktail of my Aloha Youth Serum mixed with our signature 'Ōlena Oil. Both products have Kukui and Kamani Oils, which help treat inflammation, deeply hydrate the skin and help to regenerate new skin. Kukui Oil has been used in hospitals to prevent and heal chemical burns from radiation. Kamani or tamanu also helps tremendously with sunburns and the healing process. The products also contain more 'Ōlena (turmeric) which helped rid my skin of almost all the redness and inflammation by morning. This anti-oxidant rich concoction also helped to protect my skin from further free radical damage, which leads to aging and pigmentation. Lastly, the comfrey in the serum helped to kick up the regeneration process, to allowing healthy new skin cells to come to the rescue.  

Thanks to these beautiful skin healing ingredients, I had no peeling or bad sunburn the next day. Next time I need to remember to practice what I preach... NO EXFOLIATION PRIOR TO SUN> 


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