Social Responsibility

Mama Honua is the heart of our company, the foundation where our botanicals are born. The ancient Hawaiians believed it was our duty to care for the land which takes care of us. Honua Hawaiian Skincare places the highest value on the traditional ideologies of our ancestors. The knowledge gifted to us has been passed down through the generations and continues to live on in all that we do. Perpetuation of the Hawaiian values of Mālama Honua, Mālama Moʻomeheu and the Aloha Spirit is our social responsibility.


Our Responsibility To Give Back

Through Our Products -We have created a beautiful line of Hawaiian products that are free of chemicals, carcinogens, and harmful ingredients in a world full of cancer and disease. Your skin is your largest organ and absorbs everything like a sponge. Let it absorb naturally healing ingredients that give life-giving radiance.

Through Our Ingredients- The more products sold, the more our Hawaiian healing plants become in demand.  This means more replanting and more land used for agriculture.

Through Our Dedication To Our Honua/ ‘Āina- We believe it is our duty to take care of the land which takes care of us. We do this by replenishing the land with even more than we take, and using all recyclable and compostable packaging created with vegetable ink and by wind energy.

Through Our Cultural Preservation: We share our culture, our traditional methods of production, and our magical healing lāʻau (botanicals) which work wonders for the skin.

Through Our Donations: We are pledging to donate a portion of our proceeds to replenish our native plants, and support the education of Hawaiian children and their families on the importance of culture, self-sustainability and cultivation of native plants and food.

Through Our Mission: On every package of Honua Hawaiian Skincare, we share the true meaning of ALOHA as a way of life, and the importance of the ALOHA spirit. We feel that your skincare routine is a time for taking care of yourself with love and respect.  What better way to remind yourself to live ALOHA daily than through your daily skincare regimen? The more packages that are shared, the more this message of ALOHA is shared.