Black Label Body Oil

$ 44.00 $ 66.00


Founder, Kapua Browning has dedicated the past few years along side Hawaii's farmers to find ways to sustainably increase the growth and production of Hawaiian ingredients in ways that will support the local farming community.  While many of the ingredients are found growing in Hawaii, it is almost impossible to source and produce all of our ingredients locally since many farms are unable to press, extract or dry the ingredients. Kapua is working directly with the farms to enable them to grow sustainably and process the ingredients.  By helping farms to do processing, we decrease waste, prolong the life of ingredients and increase profits for the farm. This then allows them to hire more help, and continue growing themselves.

So after much hard work it is our honor to share with you this 100% Hawaiian grown and produced, Limited Edition Craft Hand and Body Oil.  This blend of sunflower and macadamia nut oils is craft infused with gardenia and jasmine petals.  AND it is exclusively sourced from our partner farms across the islands. 


Note: These will begin shipping December 14.  Mahalo for your patience