Now Featuring : Hyaluronic Acid, Astaxanthin & Hibiscus

Boost your Hydration and Glow Factor with our new hydrating, antioxidant beauty booster featuring a blend of three potent ingredients.

Hyaluronic Acid - Delivers instant surface and deep layer hydration, addressing dry skin and fine lines.

Astaxanthin - A rich, powerful antioxidant sourced from Hawaiian marine algae with 6000x the power of vitamin C. It reduces cell damage and inflammation while rejuvenating skin. 

Hibiscus - These tropical petals exfoliate skin with AHAs for brighter, tighter skin and reduced fine lines.


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HONUA Means: Earth, Land, Foundation

Our natural skincare line draws inspiration from traditional Hawaiian healing practices to offer effective, beautiful skincare products and practices that are clean, green, organic and cruelty-free.  The name Honua comes from Mama Honua (Mother Earth) because the Earth is the heart of our company, the foundation where our botanicals are born. Our name gives credit to her. Honua Hawaiian Skincare shares with the world a new approach to skincare through traditional methodologies and Hawaiian healing botanicals. We hope you will join our skincare and self-care adventure.


Our Natural, Hawaiian Skincare Ingredients

Honua Hawaiian Skincare uses natural and organic ingredients that have been used for centuries in traditional Hawaiian Healing practices (also known as La'au Lapa'au).  Our founder, Kapua Browning, studied and used these ingredients during her decade of experience as an esthetician.  We combine these natural Hawaiian botanicals with modern ingredients for safe, clean skincare with proven efficacy.  Immerse yourself in our Hawaiian self-care ritual and see the difference.

Immerse Yourself


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