'Āina Detoxifying Mask - A Creator's Perspective

Meet ‘Āina…

'Āina is a detoxifying mask that utilizes some of Hawaii’s most prized and sacred plants to give any skin type a revitalized glow. The name itself means land or that which feeds, which this mask does indeed. It is quite nourishing and feeds the skin much needed phytonutrients. 

What inspired ‘Āina and the ingredients? 

Growing up in Hawaii, I spent quite a bit of time in the lo’i or Hawaiian Taro Patches. Being knee deep in ‘Āina (in this case, warm mushy earth) while pulling Kalo (Hawaiian Taro) from the ground became one of my favorite moments or feelings. It was grounding and very satisfying. I loved the feeling of the mud between my toes. I would also take some of this nutrient rich mud and rub it on my skin for the benefits, it felt amazing. When we moved away from home (Hawaii), I missed this experience and wanted to recreate this feeling. I wanted to create a mask to use during my self-love ritual that could take me back to those moments when I was applying it.  

Insight on the ingredients, formulation process and the cultural connection

womans hand reaching into touch charcoal facial mask in front of a waterfalAs I mentioned earlier… In this formula, I use our most prized ingredient in Hawaiian culture, our Kalo plant. The Kalo or Hawaiian Taro is a food staple for the Hawaiian people.  It's filled with phytonutrients which are not only amazing for our bodies, but happen to be beneficial for our skin as well. Kalo also plays a significant role in Hawaiian genealogy.  The Hawaiian people trace their roots back to a legend about Hāloa or the first born Hawaiian, who was said to be the younger brother to the Kalo plant.  Through our relationship to Hāloa, we are related to the Kalo plant, the ‘Aina and the rest of the natural world. This mask pays tribute to Hāloa, the Kalo plant and our beloved ‘Āina. Aside from this special plant, I used a few Hawaiian healing techniques such as leading with heat. “Heat” ingredients not only help with circulation and blood detoxification but help with ingredient penetration and efficacy. Our heat ingredient in this mask is the ni’oi or Hawaiian Chili Pepper! But don’t be scared... it won’t burn or leave your skin irritated or red at all. Charcoal, Hawaiian Honey, Kukui Oil and ‘Ōlena also play crucial roles in this masterful blend. 

How to use ‘Āina…

I love to mask with ‘Āina weekly for routine detoxification and circulation or anytime I crave some grounding and nourishing. The beauty of this detoxifying mask, is that is also leaves my drier skin feeling healthy, hydrated and refreshed, unlike other detoxifying masks that strip my skin, leaving it feeling parched. My teenagers love it for occasional breakouts and deep cleansing, and use it as a spot treatment as well. Some customers share that they use it as a deep cleansing treatment or before events to achieve a quick glow . We trust that you will find your own way to use and fall in love with ‘Āina. 

Lots of Aloha to you!



Note: Beautiful 'Āina images taken @michellemadue

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