Coastal Restoration Using Glass

We are envisioning - no, we are CREATING - a future where glass from Honua bottles is redirected from landfills back into useful projects. 

And just in time for Earth Month, we have incredible news from our glass recycling partner, Glass HalfFull NOLA.  Along with researchers at Tulane University, they are exploring the feasibility of using recycled glass in coastal restoration.  As in, replacing sand that has washed away. Currently they are testing coastal plant species in "glass sand" and things are looking good.  The plants are thriving.

A future does exist where your little bottle of Hawaiian Beauty Water or Lihau Facial Mist will end up crushed into sand granules that supplement our natural sand beaches.  Now that calls for an Earth Month celebration.

Wait, you didn't know you can mail back your Honua bottles for use in amazing projects?  Well, here are the details for you.

More about GlassHalfFull NOLA - Started two years ago in the metropolitan area of New Orleans, Glass HalfFull NOLA has singlehandedly diverted over 2 MILLION pounds of glass from landfills.  What started as a group of friends frustrated by the lack of glass recycling in their area has grown into a full blown movement.  They have dropoff sites around the city and residents (or whoever!) can bring their glass to be reused.  We discovered them and loved their story so struck up a little partnership last year.  

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