Finding Calm in Chaos 💚🌺🌴

Aloha 'Ohana,

As our Honua team is at home with our families taking the proper precautions, we are using this time to slow down, connect with one another and stay healthy.... I wanted to share some of my favorite tips and ingredients that have been making us feel protected. While this news of a global pandemic is certainly frightening, I have decided not to be fearful, as fear is last thing our bodies need and it will not keep anyone from getting sick. Taking that extra time however to care for yourself and your family just may.  

Some things that have helped us during this time... 

  • Getting enough fresh air and sunlight even if it means sitting on your patio, sitting by an open window, or going for a hike or walk has felt uplifting and healing. 
  • Rest, catching up on sleep and letting go of stress has done wonders. 
  • Self-love time (A bath, essential oils, a good facial cleansing ritual, extra facial massage time, gua-sha or masking can be uplifting) is key. 
  • Eating healthy while incorporating anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and immune strengthening ingredients, tinctures and supplements. While it is last on this list, I think it may be one of the most important things that we are doing. 

Some of my favorite ingredients.

1. Kalika (Garlic) is the triple threat....Antiviral, Antibacterial and Anti-fungal. Cook with lots of it, juice with it, or eat it raw or pickled. Our friends at Ho'ola Honey make some 'ono fermented garlic in honey that is a super immune booster.

2. Honey is filled with antioxidants and antibacterial properties that help to improve over all immune function.

3. 'Ōlena (Turmeric) is a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent with virucidal properties that can protect against many viruses and its anti-inflammatory properties can also ease any inflammation already happening in the body. I also cook with it, make a tea with warm water, turmeric powder and honey or take a shot of the tincture version from time to time. 

4. Noni is high in vitamin C and Selenium and is also wonderful for immune support... the juice form is the easiest to stomach (but it is not the best tasting). You can mix it or shot it. 

5. Chlorella is my new fav supplement to take and I currently take the tincture form...but it restores white blood cells and increases resistance to viral infections amongst other amazing health benefits. 

I hope you all take this time to truly take care of yourself and give yourself lots of ALOHA, its needed. 

We have slowed down on production, but won't leave you high and dry during this time when you may need us most. Orders will go out 2x a week and we will be offering free shipping for a few weeks since many of you won't be out shopping.  For all of our regular subscribers, the samples we usually include with your monthly shipments will be missing until May 1.  Those will absolutely resume as soon as possible and when they do, you will get extra for any that you missed!

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Mālama Pono,
Kapua and The Honua Team 

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