Is your skin oily? It may be craving a face oil.

As a teenager, I was always told "make sure all of your products are oil-free!" or  "Oil clogs pores and causes acne" my dermatologist preached.  Even as a teenager, my skin wasn't super oily but I did want to get rid of the acne, so I followed this advice religiously and only used the 3-step "system" prescribed by him.  No way did I want oily skin and the thought of adding a face oil would have sent me running for the hills.  

Today, we know that generalizations like that are not always spot on.  Yes, many oils can clog pores - coconut oil being one of them - but many help balance the oil production that our skin needs to do.  And that balancing may lead to less oily skin, less breakouts and less "overactive" skin.  

The reality is, however, if you find the RIGHT facial oil for your oily skin, it could be an answer to acne, excess oil and even more skin issues.  If you have oily skin and prefer to opt for oil-free everything, the skin will...find a way to get the oil it needs, so it ends up over-producing oil, which keeps you in the oily-skin cycle.  You keep trying to reduce the oil and oil-free products make a LOT of sense, in theory.  But the reality of what is happening below is a little bit different.

The good news is, you can break the oily skin cycle but finding the right oil that hydrates skin and balances oil production. Finding a face oil that is formulated to help oily skin may be a game changer for you. 

Over a decade ago, Kapua Browning (Honua's founder) was treating clients in her apothecary-style facial room, where she created custom products for every client based on their unique needs that particular day.  What she found was, clients with acne and extra oily skin achieved balanced skin when treated with an intentional blend of oils, including kukui and kamani oils, infused with healing turmeric and vitamin-C rich noni fruit.  The results surprised clients and the popularity of this little oil grew, with clients taking extra to friends, family members, and especially teenagers!  Clients find their skin to be more balanced, less oily and a lot brighter, thanks to the Vitamin C naturally occurring in this serum.

Today, we call this multi-tasker 'Ōlena and it has brought much relief to those with oily skin.  So if you are looking for a face oil for oily may have found it.  This unique blend of Hawaiian potent plants is beautiful for all skin types.  Oily-skin sufferers are especially passionate about 'Ōlena because often they find us when they are frustrated and have about given up on everything else.  They are desperate to find something that will help clear up their skin or prevent them from having a shiny face all day.  


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