Līhau Facial Mist and 'Ōlena Beauty Oil - Earth-Inspired Creations for Glowing Skin

Līhau Facial Mist and 'Ōlena Beauty Oil - Earth-Inspired Creations for Glowing Skin

Native Hawaiians understood that caring for our earth (Mama Honua) is our responsibility. Replace (or give back) more than you take and ensure you are using resources responsibly and sustainably. However, we don't want to sacrifice when it comes to our skin and health either and non toxic is just as important as eco friendly and earth friendly skincare. Fortunately, with Honua Hawaiian Skincare, no sacrifice is needed as we source every ingredient with intention and a focus on sustainability. All Honua products use natural ingredients though not all are sourced in Hawaii, as we source based on where we can ensure the supply is sustainable for years to come. We also prioritize feeding the community so if an ingredient takes away from a food source, we don't use it.


This Earth Month, we are highlighting two that are sourced primarily in the islands: The Līhau Facial Mist and 'Ōlena Beauty Oil. These products are both earth inspired and earth derived and hold a special place in our heart because they come from the island of Hawai'i as well.

Līhau Facial Mist and Hawaiian Sandalwood - Sources and Benefits

The Līhau Facial Mist is a rejuvenating product that calms your skin and delivers refreshing hydration. The base for the Līhau Facial Mist is Hawaiian Sandalwood, grown and distilled right here. This hydrosol contains essential minerals that deeply nourish and hydrate the skin. It even fights inflammation, bacteria and can deliver an instant refresh for skin (or even those pesky face masks we all loved to don during covid. LOL!). Acne sufferers love this Face Mist as it clears skin without drying it out.

Hawaiian Sandalwood and Haloa Aina Reforestation Project

The best part? This sandalwood is part the Haloa Aina reforestation project, near Captain Cook at Mauna Loa. The project was established to protect and restore the natural sandalwood forests on the Big Island. The Lee 'Ohana purchased thousands of acres several decades ago to attempt to return the land to its native ecosystem as it was victim of overfarming that started in the 1800s or so. They have now replanted over a million sandalwood trees and the forest is thriving again. You can learn more about their mission here.

'Olena Beauty Oil - The ultimate facial oil for all skin types

A perfect complement to the Līhau Facial Mist is the 'Ōlena Beauty Oil, also sourced throughout the islands. The 'Ōlena Beauty Oil is a facial oil with anti inflammatory properties that nourishes and hydrates the skin, making it a perfect daily moisturizer. The 'Ōlena Beauty Oil has been in existence for decades in some form, in our founder's 'ohana. Growing up, Kapua used this calming, healing oil as an at home first aid remedy - think sunburns, bug bites, scrapes on the coral or rocks, even dark spots from those days we forgot sunscreen. We have even used it on more extreme burns - hot glue gun anyone? - and it completely eliminated the scar. So we transformed this treatment into a facial oil that we can offer to everyone. Literally everyone and ALL skin types. Even acne-prone. Honua fans swear that this oil has transformed the lives of their teenagers with acne prone skin. Just read the reviews to learn more.

A unique blend of Hawaiian oils for transformational results

Honua sources this unique blend of oils - kukui nut, macadamia nut, kamani - throughout the islands. Turmeric is a well-known anti-inflammatory ingredient that helps with a wide range of health benefits - it can help brighten skin and minimize acne and acne scars. Noni fruit is rich in Vitamin C, which brightens and evens skin tone. Macadamia nut oil is high in omega fatty acids and kukui/kamani oils offer some UV protection while boosting collagen production. Ancient Hawaiians used these oils for sun protection as some of the first recorded "sunscreen." This lightweight oil is known for deep moisturization and skin repair, making it a great ingredient to nourish dry and damaged skin. It also features Macadamia Nut Oil for its high concentration of Omega Fatty acids, Vitamins, and Minerals that are good for skin nourishment. 'Ōlena Beauty Oil soaks into skin pretty quickly, instead of remaining on the surface for hours like some oils. So you can use it, give it a few minutes to soak in, and then apply your sun protection.


Skincare Packaging - an ongoing struggle for the Earth

These earth-inspired products are not only good for our skin but the environment as well. Packaged in glass bottles or glass jars with compostable boxes, Honua's core mission is to eliminate single use plastics and reduce plastic waste overall. Many brands are high waste skincare brands as every component is discarded and is ineligible or unlikely to be recycled. From day one, Honua has prioritized low waste as a core principle of the brand and has avoided plastic packaging as it is so infrequently recycled. No plastic bottles are used - products are filled into glass jars or glass bottles only. Honua is working on new products in aluminum tins and is also working to replace plastic caps with aluminum caps. It is not easy, especially for small businesses, but it is important to be low waste (with zero waste as the goal) and eco friendly.

Results-oriented skincare that puts the Earth first

Honua's commitment to sourcing local and organic ingredients from sustainable sources is what sets them apart from other skincare brands. The Līhau Facial Mist and 'Ōlena Beauty Oil both represent the synergistic power of earth-inspired elixirs for a nourished, hydrated, and radiant complexion. With thoughtful packaging that is largely plastic free, these products support local and sustainable agriculture and they have minimal impact on earth with maximum results.

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Both of these products ROCK!
I was so excited to find out about thus company. Yeah for kinder beauty box including lihau & hawaiian beauty water in a box.
Not only do they smell great,my skin & I love them the compliments I’ve received are wonderful.

Jeanne Pantano October 14, 2023

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