Honua's Favorite Salty Hawaiian Sisters

Obviously we are all about Hawaii, but we aren't alone!  Today, we want to share some of our likeminded sisters, all of whom love Hawaii for what she is and what she does for us. 

Brooke (Dombroski) Berri: @brooklynhawaii

Picture of Brooklyn Hawaii on surfboard in ocean with utter joy on her face

Why we love her: Growing up on the island of Oahu, Brooke was born into a family of ocean people and artists. She took an early interest in photography and has never looked back. She became a freelance creative after college and is known for her ethereal images of tropical paradise. Travel has played an important role in her photographic journey, and her instagram feed is filled with white sand beaches, swaying palms, and lady slider surf sessions. Her photos epitomize the unending beauty of Hawaii. 

Tiare Thomas Harris: @tiarethomas

Tiare Thomas wearing Hawaiian Lei in bikini
Why we love her: Tiare is the founder of Aloha Dreamboard, a company that guides people into achieving their personal and career goals with clarity and vision. But that’s just one of her talents. She’s also a stylist, model, author, keynote speaker, and professional surfer. (We’re honestly not sure when she sleeps?) Tiare’s purpose is all about raising the vibration of love in the universe, and she does it spreading the spirit of Aloha. And.....you might see her in other photos across our site because Tiare and Kapua's friendship started WAY before Honua.  

Kaululaniikeaomalamalama: @kaululani.r

Picture of woman on rock face with waterfall
Why we love her: This gorgeous mama has a knack for adventure and truly captures the “lucky we live Hawaii” feeling. Whether she’s diving with dolphins, catching fish, modeling or dancing hula, kaululani expresses intense gratitude for her island culture, natural surroundings, and family. (And it doesn’t get much cuter than her baby girl kīhenepua, who shows up often on her Instagram feed!)

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Mahina Garcia: @mahinagarcia
Mahina Garcia holding a coconut in Hawaii

Why we love her: Mahina is a professional model from the North Shore that embraces the Hawaiian lifestyle to the max. With an interest in fitness, food and wellness, Mahina shares her workouts, skincare routines, and her favorite healthy island eats and drinks with her 95k+ followers on instagram and Youtube. When she’s not traveling across the globe for modeling jobs, you can find her catching waves or hiking some of the best mountains on the island. 

Chelsea Yamase:@chelseakauai
Chelsea Kauai with a giant Monstera leaf in Hawaii

Why we love her: Chelsea, often referred to by her instagram handle ChelseaKauai, has her heart in Hawaii but her feet perpetually on the road. With goals to “seek the extraordinary in every day, explore often, and consume mindfully”, Chelsea is an intelligent, kind, and adventurous spirit sharing her love for nature, environmental conservation, and adventure. Behind each photo is a thought provoking caption that asks us to question our day to day decisions and make more space for curiosity and wonder.

Malia Murphey: @maliamurphey

malia murphey in red bikini with red hibiscus on her forehead
Why we love her: Malia is another Hawaiian beauty that seems to spend more time in the water than on land. Mermaid perhaps? Her modeling and surfing skills have landed her campaigns with Billabong, Issa De’ Mar, Vaya Island and Benoa Swim, just to name a few! Her passion for plant-based food and holistic wellness prompted her and fellow salty sister Brooke Berry to open up a new cafe in Kahuku on the North Shore called Raised by the Waves. The cafe serves delicious goodies like antioxidant rich smoothie bowls, avo toast, and gluten free sunrise waffles. 

Kimi Werner: @kimi_swimmy
Kimi Werner underwater with snorkel at night

Why we love her: Kimi grew up on an isolated part of coastal Maui, and would often go along with her father to freedive for her family’s food. As an adult, she came to understand the vital role the ocean played in her life and has gone on to become the United States National Spearfishing Champion, a certified culinary chef, an award winning artist and keynote speaker. She’s passionate about sustainability and making changes for a healthy future for our global community.

Amber Mozo: @ambermozo

Amber Mozo posing in yellow yoga clothes
Why we love her: After her father, surf photographer Jon Mozo, passed away in an accident at Pipeline, Amber eventually asked her mother if she could begin using his camera equipment. With a natural eye and persistent hard work, Amber also became a surf photographer and travels to different countries and far off oceans on a regular basis. In 2016, she published a book of her photos titled Chasing Light, which is about choosing to live your life in the light despite the hard challenges that come along.

Tahiti Huetter: @tahitihuetter
Image of Tahiti Huetter in sunlight with hat on

Why we love her: Tahiti is the founder and chief creative officer behind Aloha Friday, a multi-disciplinary creative studio specializing in brand and social media development. Her instagram account is sprinkled with the beautiful simplicity of Hawaiian lifestyle; hibiscus flowers, palm trees, captivating sunsets, and endless blue skies. We particularly love her #Kailuakottage posts that show off her sophisticated beach design style.

Haumea @haumeawai

Woman with red hibiscus staring at ocean in Hawaii.

Why we love her: Haumea's connection with nature is how we want to envision ours at Honua - present, inspired and purposeful.  Her Instagram account is a stunning representation of the intense connection Hawaiians have with the earth with intense, vivid depictions of the magical place that it is.  You may also see Haumea featured in some of the photos on our website - we connected with her and find her beauty and imagery positively transcendent. 


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