Serums vs. Oils - Different, yet Complementary

It's a serum.  No, an oil.  An elixir?  An essence?  All of these skincare terms are enough to confuse anyone about what you should or shouldn't be doing.  Add on confusion around skincare product order and you have....more anxiety over something that should be a component of your self-care routine - NOT a source of anxiety. 

Let's keep this short and sweet, shall we?

Serums....A serum is a highly concentrated, water-based formula of skin-nourishing ingredients that comes in the form of small molecules, making it easier to absorb into skin for a targeted and active treatment.  Typically, you only need a couple of drops. Think of it as a shot for your skin.  It should have a few more potent ingredients that really help it do its job.  Our Aloha Youth Serum has a few of these: Bakuchiol combats aging by mimic-ing the properties of retinol - smoothing fine lines, more even skin tone; Noni extract heals and restores skin with potent anti-aging antioxidants, including vitamin C; Hibiscus firms, tightens and smooths skin.  A serum is applied to CLEAN skin, right after a toner (or our Hawaiian Beauty Water).  A serum can be various textures, but many serums are a creamy elixir or even thin gel.  They can also be oils, but we put those in a category if their own, as they act differently in skin.  

Face Oils....Face oils can be a single oil (i.e. prickly pear, argan and marula oil are popular standalone face oils) or a blend of oils.  Oils are designed to provide surface or subsurface (i.e. deeper) hydration.  Many oils have benefits like brightening or environmental protection.  Some soak into skin right away, some take a while - maybe even up to 30-60 minutes.  The best time to apply these is after your facial serum step.  Use a few drops, or as much as you need.  The oil should not drip off your skin - if it does, that is too much so share the love with your (clean) hands or elsewhere. This might be the final step of your routine at night, but during the day, please be sure to follow with an SPF!  Our 'Ōlena Beauty Oil features turmeric, noni fruit in a blend containing kukui nut and kamani oils.  This blend is earthy and helps even skin tone and brighten skin, while providing necessary hydration.  


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