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Life at home has been interesting and since the beginning of 2020, we've all had a LOT more of it.  For most of us, we've had a bit more stress as well.  Couple that with fewer options for stress management and there are a lot of highly wound people out there, including us!  

Creating a relaxing routine is a great way to have a luxury spa experience, right at home.  We can't all have the dream spa available for home-use (my personal dream spa/bathroom is the prefects bathroom at Hogwarts - IYKYK) but anyone can make a few tweaks to create a relaxing routine at home, whether you have 5 minutes or 2 hours.  There are a few basics you'll need:

1) A soft, plushy towel.  Not a necessity, but a nice to have.  We love these two - both are very different price points.  Charisma at Costco and Super Plush towels by Brooklinen,

2) Essential oils for your bathtub.  Again, you can spend $5 or $100 or more on your EO blends. Finding something at Whole Foods or similar stores is perfectly adequate. Try to stick with something that doesn't need a carrier oil so you can just drop it right in the bathtub.  Lavender and rose tend to be great for this.  Stay away from eucalyptus, tea tree, rosemary and others that require dilution or carrier oils.  You'd think they would just be diluted in the water but oil and water do not mix (obviously) so the droplets stay relatively intact and can burn your skin.  It goes away, but let's just skip it - trust us on this one, we've tried, 

3) Products that will whisk you and your skin to beautiful places and stress-free times.  Let's start with Pa'akai Cleansing Cream - cleansing sea salt coupled with hibiscus and intoxicating rose essential oil provide a deep cleanse while not stripping and dehydrating skin.  Dispense 4-5 pumps (this is more than we usually recommend, but this is a spa treatment and all) and massage gently all over skin and neck.  Let rest on your skin while you dip into a warm bath. woman with charcoal mask on her face Experts say super hot water is not great for skin and we know it but sometimes we have to indulge.  Using lukewarm or cool water, gently remove the cleanser.  Then, scoop a generous amount (about the size of 1-2 grapes) of our 'Āina Detoxifying Mask or Moana Rejuvenating Mask and slather all over face and neck.  Don't be afraid to use more.  With these treatments, more IS better.

Many Honua creations are used in luxury spas, including Auberge Resorts, Four Seasons, Turtle Bay and more.  So you can get an actual spa experience, in your own home. 

4) Music!  Tailor something to your mood.  You don't need a fancy music subscription here - there are plenty of free playlists out there.  We prefer gentle, meditative sounds.  Our founder Kapua LOVES to play Hawaiian music in her routine, with lots of IZ Kamakawiwo'ole sprinkled in.

5) (Optional) Magazine or book.  Some people prefer to just veg and relax and that is great!  Others love perusing a good book or magazine.  Best to stick with non-electronics just in case you drop them.  We've got a few books that have been victims of too much relaxing and they fall in the tub.  But better the book than iPad or Kindle.  Just sayin'

We'd love to hear from you - what are your favorite ways to unwind at home?  How do you incorporate at-home spa tips?

Mahalo for reading ~ Team Honua





Photo by CRYSTALWEED cannabis on Unsplash

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