The superpowers of Māhealani

Māhealani is first and foremost a moisturizing balm.  Its texture is not like a day cream or lotion. It's a balm because it is oil-based vs a cream or lotion.  Māhealani's superpowers are numerous, including: 

Kukui Nut Oil is a Honua favorite because it is healing and has been shown to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Illipe Butter is highly moisturizing and promotes elasticity and vitality in skin. It is also high in fatty acids and vitamins A and C.  It tends to be thick at room temperature but melts beautifully when it comes in contact with skin.  This is a big reason our Māhealani arrives firm but softens upon skin contact. Licorice Root Extract fades dark spots and brightens skin.  Squalane balances oil production and has powerful anti-aging and anti-inflammatory abilities.  The human body produces a version of squalane called squalene (just the "e" is different) but it decreases as we age (another beautiful benefit of aging!).  Squalane locks in moisture and improves elasticity while protecting skin.  Squalane has started appearing in more skincare products but it is important to know where your squalane comes from.  Our squalane is sourced from olives (some is sourced from sharks, unfortunately).  

Māhealani can combat wrinkles, moisturize and brighten skin and improve elasticity while providing stress and anxiety relief due to the unique blend of essential oils..... an exotic blend of vetiver and blue tansy with hints of citrus.

For the Honua team, Māhealani has been a life saver in 2020 and on with all of the stress, hand sanitizer, stress, mask-wearing and...did we mention stress?  Everyone deserves a chance to experience this skin-saving balm.

If you are reading this, we have a secret code for your next purchase.  Māhealani is a product to splurge on and after the year we've ALL had, hopefully this makes your splurge a little easier.  If you are reading this and did not get a chance to splurge.....go for it.  RENEW20 is still active, just for you and saves you $20 today.

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Aloha Kapua,
Re: Māhealani
I am 77 years young and have dry facial skin which was never a problem before! Due to air conditioning and allergies at night, I am always scratching and my skin is very dry. I tried several moisturizers but they have not performed or made my allergies worse.
I would like to try your products but could you recommend which ones to start with?
Mahalo, Josh

Josh Napua June 23, 2023

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