Celebrating our own women this International Women's Day!

Honua Hawaiian Skincare is truly a women-owned and women-led company. We could not do what we do without every member of our 'ohana.  So in celebration of the upcoming International Women's Day, we share their stories.  

Meet Kapua

Born and raised in Hawaii, Kapua's upbringing instilled in her a deep connection to the land and a passion for natural beauty. Her journey from a small island to creating a successful skincare brand is nothing short of inspiring.  Behind the scenes, she is doing so much more than dreaming up new skincare creations.  

Kapua Browning is not just a skincare entrepreneur; she is a force of nature. Growing up in Hawaii, she learned the importance of sustainability and respect for the environment. This ethos is reflected in every product Honua creates, using only the finest natural ingredients sourced from the Hawaiian islands.

Aside from revolutionizing the skincare industry with her innovative products, Kapua Browning is also a champion for women's empowerment. She believes in the power of self-care and self-love, encouraging women to embrace their natural beauty and inner strength. Through Honua, she has built a community of like-minded individuals who share her vision of holistic wellness.

Outside of Honua, Kapua is a very active member of her community.  On any given day it is equally likely you will find Kapua pouring over skincare ingredients for the next product OR speaking on a panel for Hawaiian/women/emerging/skincare entrepreneurs OR stomping in the lo'i with her 'ohana to prep fields for kalo planting OR hanging out at Wallyhouse, a shelter in Hawaii started by her father.  When Kapua says she is "hands on" she means hands on.  Or feet on.  

Kapua embodies the "mom-trepreneur" term as she has four children so she is constantly balancing...everything and is the ultimate multi-tasker.

Behind the scenes at Honua HQs

Behind the scenes, you'll find the people that make the magic happen. 

Nicole Lampsa leads operations.  What does this mean? Nicole ensures that the Honua supply chain is making positive moves and Honua clients end up with a beautiful, effective skincare product in their hands. 

Honua HQ on the mainland is located in St Paul, Minnesota (?!?! yes, we Hawaiians LOVE Minnesota).  Madison Fairbanks and Kathryn Fumie are the dynamic duo behind the scenes at Honua. They package every shipment with the utmost care.  Sometimes our mascot (and Kathryn's 2 year old) Floyd shows up to steal the show.  Both Madison and Kathryn are active in the Minnesota theatre scene.  Madison just finished up a theatre role as Hamlet.  Kathryn even has an IMDB page and was featured in a Hallmark Christmas movie, Rescuing Christmas in 2023.  We are so proud of them!

Honua's Hawaii HQ is located in Kapolei and is ~6 months young.  After many years of trying to make it happen, Honua now ships directly from the island of Oahu.  Mia Ayau-Paulos packs every box with care so our Hawaiian 'ohana gets their fix of Honua.

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