Earth Month 2021

Every month is Earth Month at Honua!

Honua = "Earth" in Hawaiian.

Mahalo for joining our mission to create skincare that is better for our skin, our health and our planet.  

Sustainable sourcing and zero waste are just two of our goals and we are proud to support key partners that are making strides, day after day.  Every single Honua purchase supports these organizations.  Just think - your commitment to skin wellness supports life-changing missions, including the ones below.

Hāloa 'Āina

Hāloa 'Āina is a Native Hawaiian reforestation and educational organization committed to economic prosperity and environmental responsibility guided by cultural values for a more sustainable Hawai'i.  Sounds impressive, right?  Together with their sister company, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, they are producing top quality sandalwood oil and hydrosol, right on the Big Island. They are also one of Honua's largest partners in Hawaiian agriculture and sustainability! 

Honua Founder, Kapua Browning, spent several days on the farm recently and returned more inspired than ever to use their sandalwood in future Honua products.  Visit our blog for her behind the scenes videos during her visit.

Located on the island of Hawai'i (I.e. the Big Island), Hāloa 'Āina began as a family-run project, focused on restoring acres of native sandalwood forest.  Centuries of invasive plant and animal species have destroyed many native Hawaiian ecosystems (including the native sandalwoodplant) but thanks to projects like Hāloa 'Āina, we may see some of them flourish again.

WeForest / GSN Planet

WeForest works with communities, local organizations and NGOs to develop scalable reforestation projects, demonstrating how it is possible to mobilize communities and restore our degraded soils.  GSN Planet works with brands and spas worldwide to support WeForest tree planting.  When you donate $4 through GSN Planet, they plant one tree.  Who said one person can't make a difference?  Definitely not us.  So skip your latte today and plant a tree instead. On April 22,  10% of all Honua sales will benefit the GSN Planet initiative.  

Ho'ōla Honey

Based on the Big Island, Ho'ōla Honey is our local beekeeping 'Ohana.  They represent 'Ohana in every sense of the word as this is their family business.  The entire family is involved in rescuing bee colonies, relocating hives, educating communities and even selling Ho'ōla Honey.  They spend significant time educating the community about the dangers of pesticides - not just for bees - but for our entire food chain.  Did you know 90% of flowering crops rely on some type of pollinator, like a honey bee?  Disruptions to our source of pollinators can have a drastic impact on the entire food supply chain. You can support Ho'ōla Honey through donations to North Kohala Community Resource Center.


Ho‘okua‘āina is a non-profit nestled in the ahupua'a of Kailua at Kapalai in Maunawili on the island of Oʻahu. It is a manifestation of Dean and Michele Wilhelm’s vision to create a gathering place for people in the community to connect with and care for the ‘āina, perpetuate Hawaiian culture through the cultivation and preparation of kalo, and to be a place that would ultimately bring healing to people, especially at-risk youth. Today the lo’i is an ideal outdoor learning environment for ʻāina-based education as well as a productive farm enterprise. Ho‘okua‘āina is "rebuilding lives from the ground up” by empowering youth to realize the meaning and purpose of their lives by helping them develop life strategies and skills through the cultivation of kalo and Hawaiian cultural values-based coaching.

Honua is proud to source kalo from Ho‘okua‘āina and support their critical missions!  For 2021, we have sponsored an intern!

Visit our IGLive on April 8 at 4pm HST (7pm PST) while Kapua hosts Dean Wilhelm during our bi-weekly Honua Happy Hour series.

Sustainable Coastlines - Hawai'i

If you've followed Honua for some time, you know we do a lot with Sustainable Coastlines.  You may have even joined us at one of our annual beach cleanups (2021 Dates...TBD).  Sustainable Coastlines does so much for our islands through regular beach cleanups, which help keep our beaches and oceans clean for us to enjoy. 

Further, every single bottle of Malu SPF sold benefits Sustainable Coastlines - Hawai'i.  

Mahalo for your support of Honua.  You enable us to support critical missions like these.



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