Earth Day 2021: How Tiny Actions Create Lasting Change

Today on Earth Day, we recognize the challenges in front of us are enormous. We have a plastic problem, our forests are being ravaged, our oceans and land are accumulating trash faster than ever, the air in some places is too unhealthy to breathe. It is easy - so easy - to get overwhelmed. But please don't. One of us will not solve the problem. But thousands of tiny actions CAN create lasting change.

Here are a few examples: Start with one or maybe a few...

🌏 Maybe this is the time for you to turn your back on plastic bottles.

🌏 Switch from plastic bottles of hand soap to refillable bottles with small tablets like the ones from Blueland

🌏 Invest in a bamboo/reusable fork and spoon for your to-go meals like those at The Earthling Co

🌏 Opt for sustainable personal care items like menstrual cups from Saalt

🌏 Swap your disposable face mask for a washable, reusable one.  We love these US-made 3-layer masks at WeAreSF

🌏 Shop/Eat locally grown and raised food

🌏 Sign up to plant trees, collect seedlings or volunteer at a farm or loʻi in your community.  This week, we are planting trees with GreenSpaNetwork and WeForest and the goal is to reach 1 million trees with them!

All of these tiny actions help move us forward and are far more sustainable, more everlasting than sweeping change.

Today, we commit to continue making our packaging more sustainable and less wasteful. Today, we commit to support our farming communities and today are planting trees.  And today, we ask that you find one tiny action to help reduce waste and replenish nature.  Just one.  Because it starts with one.  


Mahalo @beneaton7 for the loving, stunning photo of our Honua.

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