Honua's Sustainability Promise

The Gifts of Honua

The Hawaiian’s were innovators of sustainable living and understood that everything we needed came from our Honua (Earth). They learned that if they cared for the land, it would, in return, care for them. This created a deep respect for the land and the concept of malama āina. Malama āina means ‘to care for the land’, and it’s a symbiotic relationship that emphasizes balance, reciprocity and sustainability. In recent years, there has been a rapid deterioration of Hawaii’s precious ecosystems due to pollution, development and invasive species and a desperate need to restore and reforest our native plants (many that you’ll find in Honua Skincare products).

Our commitment to malama āina is demonstrated in our support for local agricultural land and farms in Hawaii. We work with farmers who use use land resources given to them without pesticides or harmful chemicals. With malama aina in mind, they replant everything they use, never over farming to deplete resources. The result is healthy and organic plants that treat skin conditions safely and naturally.  

Continuing the Tradition

The creation of Honua has allowed us to share our love for Hawaiian culture, botanicals and aesthetics with the world. Through our skincare line, we aspire to show that Hawaii is more than pristine beaches and towering waterfalls.The Hawaiian Islands hold centuries of history and a vibrant culture expressed through language, dance, music and the spirit of Aloha. Honua believes that Aloha begins by honoring and caring for yourself first, then sharing that love and compassion with the world.




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