How to Recycle your Honua Glass Bottles and Jars

Yes!  Introducing....the Honua Bottle Send-Back program!  Send your bottles back, and we send you points, which you can use towards future purchases, free products, and other perks. 

Sign me up - you say, but how?  Please, read on for more information!

How to send back your Honua bottles:

1) Remove the top and discard- these cannot be sent in;*
2) Clean and let dry;
3) Collect bottles.  We are having fun creating our "collection box" at home.  If you are inclined, please take pictures and tag us on social media; 
4) Email with the following: a) tracking information for your shipment, b) # of Honua bottles you are sending, c) a picture of the bottles, and d) a picture of the shipping label;

5) Ship to this address:

GlassHalfFull NOLA
re: Honua Skincare
3935 Louisa St

New Orleans, LA 70126

6) Within 7-10 days, we will award 50 points PER BOTTLE (or jar) into your Honua Insider Perks account.  You can also elect to donate the reward back to GlassHalfFullNOLA to help fund their recycling efforts. 

More on GlassHalfFull NOLA: Glass Half Full NOLA is based in New Orleans and full of motivated, creative people that saw a need for glass recycling in their area.  They take all colors of glass, crush it up and separate it.  This recycled glass is used in disaster relief sandbags, eco-construction, new glass and more.  You can read more about their mission (and how to support them) HERE.



Can I send back the tops?

Unfortunately, GlassHalfFull NOLA cannot recycle our plastic tops.  Please do not send those.

Can I send other glass bottles?

Feel free!  Only Honua bottles count towards your reward, but feel free to include others if you would like them to be recycled.

My local place only recycles clear glass.  Can I send colored or black glass?

YES!  We now can recycle ALL colors.  

I am an artist - can I buy some of your glass to use in art projects?

Eventually, we hope so!  Stay tuned for this.

Can I send back the glass dropper?

Great question!  If you can easily and safely pull out the glass pipette (the long glass part that dispenses the drops and slides into the plastic top), you can drop it in the shipment as well.  But please, be careful so it does not break in your hands.


Great info, and happy to support. I do have more bottles of others that I will include with my 6! email to follow.

kelly January 09, 2023


Marilyn Evans January 09, 2023

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