Honua is proud to support the Stop Single Use Pledge.  We attempt to conserve with every step so are thrilled that influential retail partners, like Beauty Heroes and Credo Beauty, have committed to end their use of all single use - sample sizes, sheet masks, applicators - all single use!
As many of you know, we’ve stayed away from samples and trial sizes because of the waste.  This can be disappointing, as we consumers have come accustomed to sample sizes and sachets to try out products.  But those sachets, small tubes and jars are rarely recyclable so they end up in the landfill.  Our commitment to sustainable packaging is paramount and small sizes are counter to that philosophy.  
Cities, states and countries are moving to ban single-use products, like cutlery, plastic bags, etc.  Please help the effort by limiting your purchase (or request) of single-use products.  Together we can do this!

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