Let's make October is Breast Cancer PREVENTION Month

Breast Cancer is a huge deal, especially for women.  We all know this - it's not anything new.  I remember as a child, hearing my mom and aunts talk lament about friends that had been diagnosed.  However, it was more of a "this is so terrible, so sad."  Which it is, absolutely.  It's tragic and scary to contemplate as a woman in my early 40s.  

Today, I find the conversation also includes "this needs to stop, let's act to change this" because with more data and information comes a greater reaction to this tragic disease.  Now we know that things like artificial fragrance have actually been firmly linked to breast cancer.  The word "fragrance" actually can include hundreds of chemicals that companies don't have to disclose because they represent "trade secrets."  If brands had to disclose the exact composition of their fragrance, in theory copycats could recreate the most famous perfumes in the world.  That is unfortunate, but allowing toxic chemicals to hide behind the word "fragrance" or "parfum" is unacceptable.  

Breast Cancer Prevention Partners (BCPP) is a non-profit and advocacy group fighting for change across cosmetics and environmental health.  Their work is science-based and they fund both research and policy changes.  We are proud to support them all throughout the year, but especially during October.  

For the entire month of October, 30% of sales from our MALU SPF30 Protecting Day Cream will benefit BCPP's research and advocacy efforts.  That is 30% of sales - not profits.  So you know exactly how much they will get from the bottle that you buy.  That's tangible and impactful.  Join us in supporting them. 

Read more about BCPP's mission and learn how to get involved.

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I have gone through chemo and radiation for breast cancer and now my skin is not like it was. I have more wrinkles and my skin now is like old skin can you tell me what products that you have that would help it and get more moisture In it so it doesn’t look so dried out. I bought some lotions etc for people that were going through breast cancer from back East but it is a waste of money. No way did it help my skin. Thank you

Leona October 21, 2020

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