What's Floating in my Līhau Facial Mist?

That's right, we are just putting it right out there.  Līhau is a special creation but definitely a different one.  

Let's be honest, many of you have noticed the floating ring and thought....is it mold?  Is it algae?  What exactly is it? 

Well, it is none of the above and it is totally intentional.  Līhau Facial Mist has a base of sandalwood hydrosol with a few key essential oil infusions.  Note the word "oil."  As the saying goes "oil and water do not mix" and that's just a fact.  That said, before use, just give it a few shakes and spritz away.

There are chemicals we could easily add to force them to blend together but that is not our style.  We also aren't hiding behind an opaque bottle that hides this phenomenon (which is not really that unusual).  There are some natural options to get them to unite a bit more seamlessly and we are currently experimenting with some of those.  But we do love the unique experience that Lihau offers.  Shaking it before use has a few added benefits, namely it freshly disperses all of the essential oils AND gives you a little muscle tone, especially if you are using every day like we do!

Instead, we embraced this difference and can appreciate the ethereal nature and impact....and we hope you do too!  

The green (or blue-ish) ring is actually the blend of our essential oils - vetiver, neroli and blue tansy.  When you shake it up a bit, it disperses and creates a beautiful experience with every spray.  

We hope you enjoy this truly unique, truly special creation.  


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