Mākua Beach Cleanup with Sustainable Coastlines!

On September 21, Honua joined Sustainable Coastlines - Hawaii at the annual Mākua Beach cleanup.  Many Honua Ohana came out, from near and far!  

Group Gathered at Sustainable Coastlines - Hawaii on Makua Beach on September 21, 2019

We collected tons of beach treasures, including plastic bottles, car tires (over 30!!!), single shoes, some unmentionables, and little bits of plastic (probably old cleaning or cosmetic bottles created and thrown away decades ago that have slowly broken down into little pieces).  What's gross, is a lot of those plastic particles are making their way into the water we drink and the fish we eat.  

beach cleanup and picking up trash

While there are many factors contributing to ocean pollution, one of the biggest villains is plastic.  Nearly 13 million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean EVERY SINGLE YEAR.  Seem unrelatable?  How about this....it is like backing up a garbage truck and dumping it in the ocean EVERY SINGLE MINUTE. 

What is further shocking is that in spite of rising global awareness and concerns about the damage plastic is causing...plastic production is projected to DOUBLE over the next two decades.  And less than 10% makes it to the recycling center.

Sounds kind of hopeless, right?  It's not.  We need everyone to dive in and be part of this, even in a small way.

We host beach cleanups each year not only to actually physically clean up the beach, but also raise awareness about how much of an impact small actions can make.  Ditch the plastic water bottle and maybe swap out some single-use items for more reusable options like coffee cups, utensils, and more.  

Our events are open to all so we hope to see you at a future event!  Be sure to join our newsletter list to hear about our events first!

Honua Ohana group at the beach cleanup

Honua Hawaiian Skincare founder Kapua Browning gathering trash at Makua Beach




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