Q&A with Hawaii-Based Model Mudra Love

Mudra Love is an author and model based on the island of Ohau. She took a moment to chat with us about how she got into modeling, what her skincare routine looks like, and what her favorite Honua product is! 

(Imagery compliments of Jaycob Sierra.) 

Tell us a little bit about who you are what you do.

Mudra: My name is Mudra Love (yes, that’s my real name) and I’ve been living on Oahu for almost five years. I’m passionate about many things and think it’s important to have goals and make your dreams a reality. Right now, I am focusing on my writing.

What inspired you to get into modeling?

Mudra: I’ve dreamt about modeling since I was a little girl. I had dreams of traveling and sailing on a big white yacht in deep blue seas, laughing and taking pictures with other models. And guess what? It happened.

What’s one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned from being a part of the fashion/modeling industry?

Mudra: I’ve had a tough time with rejection. I like to make anything I want in life possible, so I don’t like putting my fate in other people’s hands. It’s especially annoying when people you don’t even like or respect tell you no. It’s made me question why I’m even modeling. But, it’s been good for me. It’s toughened me up mentally and emotionally. And, I’ve learned to love myself unconditionally.

What’s been the most exciting job you’ve booked and what made it special?

Mudra: New York Fashion week for Manaola hands down. There is so much I can say about this experience, but if I could put it in a sentence I’d say it was special because of the teamwork, camaraderie and friendships I made. It was also my first time in New York (as an adult) and I got to see it in the best way.

We made the most of our time and ate, drank and partied the night away. We took the subways and ventured into the different boroughs and neighborhoods. We got lost in Times Square, ate dollar pizza and bought bootleg cds, we took a stroll in Central Park and lied down on the grass for hours, we flipped through old records in Greenwich village, sipped frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity on 5th ave and talked about the movie, we ate salmon avocado toast at a brunch spot in Brooklyn every morning, and we partied till the sun came up at Tao and Marquee (and still managed to slay the runway).

Ok that was more than a sentence :P

What does your personal skincare / makeup routine look like?

Mudra: Daytime minimal, night-time full glam (although lately, I’ve gotten lazy). I think it’s important to let your skin breathe and be as natural as possible. That’s why I like Honua skincare products so much. It uses all-natural ingredients, it’s good for your skin and good for the planet (Honua supports local farmers and Hawaii coastlines). What more can you ask for?

Mudra with the 'Aina mask

What do you think is the best way to nourish your skin from the inside out?

Mudra:  H2O! Hydration full on. Meditation. Red Light Therapy. Plenty of Sleep. And cabbage.

What’s your favorite Honua product and why?

Mudra: I’ve liked every single product I’ve tried so it’s tough to choose just one, but if I had to choose, I’d say the Aloha Youth Serum. It’s smooth and velvety and feels AMAZING on your skin. Words cannot capture how amazing it feels. You just have to try it. It also uses my favorite ingredient - hibiscus. I’ve been obsessed with hibiscus flowers for their beauty; who would have thought they help with wrinkles too? The serum absorbs within seconds and leaves your skin feeling plump, hydrated and wrinkle free. 

Mudra with the Aloha Youth Serum

At Honua, our mission has always been to spread the Aloha spirit worldwide. How would you describe the Aloha spirit and how do you share it?

Mudra: I read a quote the other day, “Your energy introduces you before you even speak.” This is true for the Aloha spirit. It’s a radiant glow that comes from within and so palpable it’s difficult to ignore. One must embody the aloha spirit in order to share it.

What does a perfect day on the island look like to you?

A hike at Makapuu and a dip in the ocean after. There is nothing more rewarding than these two events combined. 

Mudra with the MALU protecting day cream

What are you excited about right now? What’s next for you?

I’m excited about a book I’m working on called, “Monk’s Daughter.” It’s about my experiences with Buddhism and is a tribute to my father, who was a Buddhist monk for ten years. I’m also nervous about it because I’m trying to be like Brene Brown and be vulnerable and I’m not sure I know what the heck I’m doing! :P

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