Meet the Honua Healers: Nicole Burke Skincare (San Francisco, CA)

Hundreds of healers are out there, sharing Honua and best practices for skincare through their passion and work.  We try to share their stories as much as we can as they are truly an extension of Honua and they convey Aloha though their work and life.  This month, we feature a very special healer, Nicole Burke Skincare, based in San Francisco, CA.  Nicole has been using Honua on clients since 2018.

1- How did you find out about Honua? 

I met Kapua at a Green Beauty Day hosted by Beauty Heroes in Sausalito in 2018. It was a magical space and Kapua’s talk, ending with a beautiful hula, was a highlight of the the day. We had a warm conversation, and as I was in the process of dreaming up my move to Maui, I was very happy to bring Honua into my SF skincare studio to begin learning about the skincare properties of the Hawaiian island plants. 

2- Why did you select Honua to use in your facial treatments?

I use Honua in facials because the products smell delicious and are active in a gentle way. It gives me opportunity to share with clients why plants are beneficial to our skin and how environmentally harmonious skincare benefits us in so many ways.


3- Which Honua products are your favorites and why?

When I first tried the Honua line I purposefully didn’t read about it so I could feel for myself what it was doing. I couldn’t figure out why my skin was so smooth and glowy when there didn’t seem to be an exfoliant… it was the Hawaiian Water! I love the Hawaiian Water for it’s gentle progressive exfoliation and simultaneous hydration. It’s also perfect after extractions in a facial. 


4- Can you share some feedback from clients on Honua?

Clients always remark on the scent of the Aloha Youth Serum when it lands on their skin in a facial. Several clients with dry, sensitive, rosacea-prone skin have become regular users of Aloha serum for the calm and hydration it brings while keeping their skin firm. 


5- Can you share a few skincare tips that you've learned based on your experience in skincare and working with clients?

The Honua Skincare Ritual lends itself perfectly to Gua Sha massage. You can use both the Aloha serum and Olena oil under the stone, and finish with Malu. This way all those nutrients get deeply massaged and activated within the skin for a super hydrated glow with benefits that continue for days. 


6- Tell us about your space and treatments.

My studio is an artful, elegant and very cozy getaway from the busy city, located in a second floor Victorian flat. Facials are always customized with a combination of techniques and products to work with your skin’s current moment. Over fifteen years practicing skincare that combines organic ingredients with advanced techniques relaxes the mind and body and leaves your skin aglow. 


Nicole Burke Skincare is located in the Cow Hollow district of San Francisco at :

Nicole Burke Skincare
3212 Fillmore Street
San Francisco CA 94123

You can book with her here: Nicole Burke Skincare


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