Meet the Honua Healers - Tessa Mazotti (Napa, CA)

We love to connect with our partners to learn more about their practice, how they got into skincare and why Honua is a fan favorite.  

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Introducing Tessa Mazotti, founder and practitioner at Monarch Day Spa, located in Napa Valley, California. 

"I am so overjoyed to be a Spa partner for Honua Skincare line." ~ Tessa Mazotti

How did you discover Honua?
Honua was recommended by a very good friend and current client.

Why did you select Honua to use in your treatments?
First of all, I love Honua's passion for the environment, giving back to the community especially preserving the land and giving back to help our farmers . All the ingredients created all came from the island and focused on healing the skin and nourishing from within.  Organic and holistic approach is what made me decide to carry the line because Honua's vision aligns with what  Monarch Skin is all about.
Additionally, Honua brings a strong passion to provide the highest level of service while implementing the safest and results-oriented skincare products.

Which Honua products are your favorites and why?
Definitely, Olena Oil which I use a lot in all my facial massages and I mix it with other serums that I customize for clients because of its healing properties and powerful antioxidants. It glides so well and helps hydrate the skin. My next favorite is the Hawaiian Beauty Water - It is gentle for skin but a great exfoliant  for all skin types. 

Can you share some client feedback?
Clients love Honua.  They say it is a great texture on the skin and it is gentle, yet you can see immediate results.  It absorbs without being greasy . Skin feels moisturized and not heavy or laden with heavy products.  SPF leaves their skin hydrated without white residues. Pa'akai is gentle - both the smell and feel. Olena Oil and Beauty Water - We just can't get enough of it. 

Can you share a few skincare tips that you've learned based on your experience? 
Start client with breathing to release tension and be in a place of relaxation.  Then perform lymphatic drainage and facial massage overall before treatment, during and after to finish.  You'll see an instant glow of the skin, great healthy color thanks to an improved circulation and increased blood flow, reduced puffiness and more, due to the draining of the toxins. I am huge in hydration - I use a mist to help keep PH balance regardless of skin type.  

Tell us about your space and treatments
Monarch Skin is a sanctuary that creates a safe and relaxing space. We are about the overall wellness of the Mind, Body and Soul. We focus from within. We educate, connect and build a community . We share new perspectives and believe in the unique ability to empower other people to make a dream a reality!
We offer a highest elevated service to care for one's overall self care and self love. We partner only with companies that believe in giving back and giving aide to our environment . 

Where are you located?
301 Post Street, Napa, CA 94559
We continue to build one another through kindness..... Mahalo, Tessa

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