What is the Honua Glow?

What is the Honua Glow?

Is it...... 

A) our choice of natural ingredients
B) personal attention from the farmers that grow our botanicals
C) the spirit of aloha that’s infused with each product
D) a brighter and more youthful appearance

It’s E actually. All of the above.

You know that feeling when you wake up and realize it's a good skin day? At Honua, we focus on transforming skin so that every day feels that way. How do we do it? By finding the root cause of conditions and treating them with a powerful combo of traditional Hawaiian botanicals and modern skincare technology. The result? One skincare line to address multiple skin types and concerns.

Our Locally Sourced Natural Ingredients:

Our botanical ingredients pack a lot of power. Our exotic list ranges from noni and Tamanu oil (which provide powerful antioxidants) to Taro and hibiscus (which offer an abundance of vitamins.) Through years of research and testing, we've found plants rich in phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins, and non-comedogenic oils, which provide your skin with essential fatty acids. Don't know what fatty acids do? They help create a smoother, younger-looking, and healthier complexion. And the best part is that all skin types benefit from these potent ingredients. 

*Want to learn more about Hawaiian botanicals and their benefits? Head to our ingredients page

Our Dedicated Farmers:

The magic of our botanicals lies in the pristine soil where they are grown. We are committed to sourcing as many ingredients from Hawaiian farms as possible, and giving back to our 'āina (land) by supporting reforestation projects and Hawaiian non-profits.  Working with local farmers helps keep their practice and knowledge of the 'āina alive. With their guidance and expertise, Hawaii's native plants will thrive for many years to come.

The Spirit of Aloha:

Our mission has always been to spread the Aloha spirit worldwide, and our products allow customers to experience a dose of it daily. Our values of love and compassion are present in everything we do - from the transparency of our ingredients and where they sourced, to how they are harvested, packaged and distributed. There is a lot to consider when it comes to the life-cycle of a product, and we are always working towards minimizing our impact on the environment and preserving our land and culture.  

Brighter and More Youthful Appearance: 

We’ll refer to our loyal customers for this one. Here are some testimonials from women who use our Honua Ritual set religiously.


"Glow your heart out💛 Anyone who knows me knows I am a true boho hippie @❤️. I love to be all natural, make up free, (I hate things touching my face), free to feel the elements💧Don’t judge! I just started this line @honuaskincare supplied by a local skincare hut near my home, @lilikoiluxe feels glorious! I’m so glad to find something local nearby! Let your skin breathe ~ Aloha🌺 - @ruizbreeze

"December you are the death of my skin ☃️ From drying out everything, to chapped lips, to holiday stress acne - I’m not a fan. 😤 But after 2 weeks this selfie is brought to you straight out of the shower by @honuaskincare. - @seenewskincare

"Since my skin has been so dry I started adding a drop of face oil into my foundation and it’s made a HUGE difference!  I used one of my favorite foundations, and one of my favorite face oils @honuaskincare! - @kailovin 












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