Glass Recycling - The Time Has Come to Reuse Your Honua Bottles!

The time has come.  After YEARS in the making and some fits and starts, we finally have an option to reuse your glass bottles and jars.  Thank you to all of you that email us to asking how to reuse or send back your bottles.  We hear you and we love that you want this as much as we do.

Yes, 'Ohana, this is for you and for our Mama Honua (Earth).  

We've partnered with a tremendous organization called Glass Half Full NOLA.  They saw gaps in their own region for glass recycling, so they figured out how to do it on their own by reimagining recycling.  They take all colors of glass, crush it up and separate it.  This recycled glass is used in disaster relief sandbags, eco-construction, new glass and more.  Eventually their goal (and ours!!) is to use glass for coastal restoration.  You can read more about their mission (and how to support them) HERE.  The picture above is recycled glass mulch used in some planters, which is an easy and beautiful option for recycled glass.  We can't wait to have Honua glass for the "mulch" in our studios.  

In the coming days, we will share more about exactly how our partnership works but you WILL be able to send back your Honua bottles for reuse and repurposing (in some regions, you can drop off at a local Honua partner).  We will plant trees to offset the carbon footprint of the shipping.  In exchange, you'll get a coupon from us and the eternal gratitude of our team & Mama Honua.  

Mahalo again for your consistent feedback and requests for bottle reuse.  We love that you care!  We are still working on some reuse options for cleaning and sanitizing the bottles, so hopefully we can do that in the future.


Lots of Aloha ~ Team Honua

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I am so excited to read this! It sounds absolutely amazing!!
Please let me know if there will be drop off local to me (I am in he New Smyrna Beach Fl area) or if I can mail them back to you. Much gratitude for all you do. I also can"t wait to see those decals/stickers!!!

Maureen Roberts June 23, 2023

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