How to Build Healthy Skincare Routines for Teens

Teenage years are a delicate balance of academics, extracurriculars, planning for the future and managing a social life. Add fluctuating hormone levels and body changes on top of that stress and it’s no wonder skin freaks out and feels impossible to manage. 

Acne, oily patches, eczema, and cold sores and are just a few of the most common skin problems teenagers deal with. Figuring out what makes (and keeps) skin happy at this age takes some trial and error. But adopting a healthy skincare routine early is imperative because how we treat our skin today will play a role in how our skin looks and feels in the future. 

Here are the top 5 skin tips for teen skincare:

Cleanse 2x a Day:  

If nothing else, make sure to wash your face once in the morning and once at night. Teens with oily skin types might want to add an extra wash in there. Forgo any harsh cleaners and don’t scrub too hard or you might aggravate the skin. The point of cleansing is to get rid of dead skin cells, dirt, and excess oil, and being too rough with it can strip it of its natural protective barrier and much needed moisture. 

If you have severe breakouts look for a gentle cleanser with anti-acne ingredients, and remember to take off all makeup before going to bed!

*Try Honua’s Pa'akai Cleansing Cream - great for all skin types! 


After washing the skin, it’s time to exfoliate to help remove old, dead skin, exposing clearer skin in the process. This helps prevent your pores from getting clogged which is one of the main culprits of pimples and blackheads. Similar to cleansing, don’t rub the skin too hard. Vigorous treatment can irritate blackheads and acne, and make skin situations even worse. Depending on your skin type and condition, exfoliation can be done weekly or monthly. 

Apply a Moisturizing SPF: 

Healthy skin is hydrated skin. In addition to drinking a lot of water, apply a moisturizing SPF every day. This will help balance out the skin and protect it from sun damage. A lot of sunscreens can feel heavy and are loaded with toxins and chemicals, so read the labels before you purchase. The earlier you start with moisturizers and sunscreen the better! (Think fewer wrinkles, sun spots, and protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.) 

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Face Mask 1x a Week: 

Our skin puts up with a lot and a weekly facemask is a great way to show it some love. Applying a facemask once or twice a week can help boost cell regeneration, nourish and re-hydrate skin. It also gives it a more plump and youthful appearance. 
You can look for a mask that addresses your specific skin type, or go for a good all-rounder like our Moana Mask. The plant combination of Limu, Laukai, aloe vera and macadamia nut oil leaves skin feeling detoxified, soothed, and balanced.  Our 'Āina Mask provides more detoxification so if you are acne-prone, give that one a try.  

*Try Honua’s hydrating Moana Mask 

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate:

Sure you can purchase products that help hydrate the skin, but why not nourish from the inside out. Staying hydrated is one of the most effective habits for clearer and brighter skin. It also helps reduce puffiness, flush out toxins, and protect against breakouts. Keep your refillable water bottle in your bag and aim for 6-8 glasses of water a day.

For those teens out there that need a little boost, send us an email at and let us know what skin challenges you are having and we can customize a plan for you.  Founder Kapua Browning has several teenagers herself so has experience dealing with teens!

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