Introducing....Māhealani Moonlit Glow Balm

At Honua, we believe we are a pretty simple, straightforward brand.  We have less than ten products and we don't create products targeted to specific skin types or ages.  This is driven by our founder, Kapua Browning, who really understands skin and recognized many years ago that many skin conditions are caused by underlying issues, like inflammation.  So she set out to create a minimalist line with maximum benefits - a line that works for all skin types.  

When she thinks about new products to add, she returns to that core ethos to figure out what would really complement our existing products.  Luckily for all of us, this time, we decided Honua needed a balm.  But not just any balm.  A Honua balm has to draw from our rich Hawaiian ingredients and tell a story, while touching your senses...and your soul.

Honua blue tansy facial balm in glass jar with bamboo capThe new Māhealani Balm is just that.  She draws inspiration from the full moon, specifically the third night of our full moon.  Among ancient Hawaiians, this special night was dedicated to sacred rituals.  Our ancestors used the moonlit glow of Māhealani to plant to ensure an abundant harvest, caring for their families.  We created Māhealani to nourish your skin and highlight your natural glow.  Her official name is Māhealani - Balm for a Moonlit Glow.

The first impression you will have of Māhealani is the scent.  Wild-crafted vetiver, chamomile and blue tansy work together in a mystical, ethereal blend that will transport you to a dreamy place - maybe a beach in Hawaii, maybe a field of wild flowers.  These stunning scents layer together with Maui-grown macadamia nut oil, illipe seed butter, and lilikoi (passion fruit) oil for a creation that is soothing, luxurious and exotic in texture.  

This balm is the perfect addition to your winter skincare collection, but will keep your skin glowing all year. While most of Honua's products soak in almost immediately to work on balancing skin's moisture at a deeper level, this one satisfies the craving for a more dewy veil of surface hydration. It layers beautifully over our light and silky Aloha Youth Serum our our healing 'Olena Beauty Oil.
Māhealani did not come about overnight but rather is the product of over a year of inspiration, sampling and testing to make sure she was absolutely right in benefits, scent, texture, color.  Literally all of our energy went into this beautiful product and we cannot wait to share her with you.  

NOTE: Māhealani will be shipping the week of November 12, our next full moon but is available for pre-order now!  


I’m very excited and would love to try a sample of your products. Is that a possibility? Thank you!

Summer April 03, 2020

I would like to preorder this!! Sounds amazing!!

Jessyca Hoagland October 24, 2019

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